Coined by FBC’s Founder, Richard Patterson, our name is the essence of creative production. When you look into the lens of a camera, there are four curved corners through which we conceive, construct and design for our clients.

Based in the heart of europe, with presence In the united states and beyond, Four Bent Corners’ global team collaborates to help Humans and brands tell visual stories as a Full-service creative production agency., there are four curved corners through which we conceive, construct and design for our clients.


Four Bent Corners is a full-service boutique creative agency with footprints in New York and Amsterdam. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. We make films that delight your audience, make you memorable, and drive real results. More than that – we listen deeply, tailor our production to your needs and craft with passion.
We craft content for the contemporary

We specialize in creating impactful content that is marketable and remarkable. Whatever your story is, it shouldn’t just be about you but what your brand does for others. One look at the types of videos that brands are releasing these days is enough to see that there’s a huge trend toward content that makes people feel. Brands are getting emotional because emotions compel action, making them memorable. According to Neuromarketing, emotional ads are almost twice as effective as those with only rational content.

Creative Strategy

It is super important because it’s the most visual element that dictates the look and feel of your brand and all creative assets produced.

We work with you to build a blueprint that outlines how you plan to meet particular goals and objectives, such as internal communications, marketing, and long-term business development and growth.

We’ll come together to mix strategic goals and innovative ideas to succeed in meeting your intentions and targets.

At FBC, we pride ourselves on our energy, versatility, relevancy, and ability to connect humans to stories. The work we generate has personality, unique identity, form, and emotion, ensuring that every brand and brief we partner with experiences a tailored and bespoke approach.

Creative Direction

It is super important to communicate your brand’s heart, soul, and ethics and express it visually so that the world identifies with it and wants to be a part of your brand via purchasing your product and service or joining your company.

We dive into creative concepts and processes surrounding the brand and its people, turning ideas into reality through film, advertising campaigns, and marketing collateral. We pull on our 20+ years of experience in the creative industry to make high-level creative decisions that benefit you and your brand.
Creative Production

It is super important to focus on the key messages outlined in the strategy and direction development stages, and then go forth with design concepts and production.

We roll up our sleeves and get behind the camera, accompanied by an incredible crew and hand-picked talent. We work with our clients to ensure seamless execution and take on feedback and suggestions as we progress, leading with integrity and trust to produce crafted content with zero creative and quality compromise.
Let’s Chat

Let’s talk about telling your story. Drop us a note or swing by our Amsterdam studio for a cappuccino or tea and chat.

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